Shealand Farms

Bethany , ON

Adam and I have farmed together since married in 2012, and have 4 daughters Madeline(7) Bridget(5) Amelia(3) Abigail(1) that are growing up learning the ropes of the farm, and take an active role everyday.

We have a flock of Sheep, and a herd of beef cows near Bethany, Ontario. The animals are out in the fields grazing in the summertime, and are well-bedded in the barns in the winter. We’re striving to provide for our family, and build towards the next generation succeeding us.

We are very proud to have a direct connection to our customers and provide nutritious food to many families. In the end, that is our role as farmers. We enjoy connecting with the people who consume what we produce and strive to make it the tastiest, and safest food possible. The story of where our food comes from and how it arrives at your plate is important to us, and it is something that we hope you will want to share in with us.

Products include: 
Meats (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb)