Welcome Spring!

rubarb in spring

Spring is here at my house in Selwyn:  The robins and the red-winged blackbirds have arrived, bulbs are bravely poking through the cold soil.  The ice is slowly melting on the lakes, rivers, and ponds all over the Kawarthas.  The vegetable farmers are busy planting their seeds in greenhouses, the maple syrup crop is being harvested, the beekeepers are anxiously watching their hives to see if the bees survived the winter, fruit trees have been pruned, and baby animals are being born on many of the farms in this region.  This is where the bounty of the harvest begins. Welcome spring.


Looking good so far!

Well, spring promised to arrive back then, but I guess I was a little optimistic!  However in cosy greenhouses, barns and hives, there is definitely a "waking up"...if only the weather would follow suit.

Market season is almost here--can't wait to get my hands on some spring greens, and fiddlehead or two.  And the artisanal cheese--delicious!